GMAT Problem of the Week. Issue#25


There are three non-transparent candy machines with equal number of candies. The first one contains chocolate candies, the second – mints, and the third – chocolate and mints together. Three labels, “Chocolate”, “Mint” and “Both”, are assigned to the three machines, but none of Aber keine Sorge, denn der online Slot Gladiators ist nicht ganz so lebensgefahrlich wie die thematische Vorlage. the labels is placed correctly. What is the minimum number of candies one should buy to define which machine contains which candies.074-344

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 5

(D) The number of candies in one candy machine plus one

(E) The number of candies in one candy machineplus two

8 thoughts on “GMAT Problem of the Week. Issue#25

  1. (a) – buy a candy from the machine labeled “Choc & Mints” and place the according label on it (either “Mint” or “Choc”). Put the untouched label in place of the one you just changed and finally put the “Choc & Mint” label on the machine with no label.

  2. The correct answer is E.

    Here we should use the “worst” scenario. Imagine we took 1 candy from each of the machines. We get either C(chocolate), M(mint), M(mint), or C, C, M (the order does not matter. Next we should keep taking the candies from either of the two machines that gave the same result (C and C, or M and M). The worst scenario means that will get all of the candies that machine, while trying to find, whether the machine had mixed candies. And only when we take all the candies, we’ll be sure that the machine has or has not mixed ones. Finally, we get all the candies from 1 machine plus 2 candies.

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